Feel Your Life

If you think you can do it or if you think you cannot do it, either way you are right!

I’ll be straight to the point today. If you think you can do it or if you think you cannot do it, either way you are right! The old wisdom from Henry Ford holds so much truth for all areas of your life!

If you think you can afford something, then you will. If you think you have the time, strength, capabilities, and even love and support, then you have.

But if, on the other hand, you stop yourself in advance being sure you cannot afford something, you don’t have love and support or being afraid your dream is too big and to far away, then you will experience exactly that. Your ego will always create the exact circumstances that will prevent the change you are subconsciously afraid of.

OK, so far so good, how to change your thoughts then?

If this was so easy, everyone would be a millionaire, have happy relationships and excellent health. What prevents us from thinking “positively”?

Stick with me for a moment and try to embody your longing. Invest some energy in it and really feel the depth of your longing. How does that feel?

And then … be honest and look closely at any possible shadow that may appear over the light of your dream. Could be, that you also feel some fear, doubt, resentment or even shame?

This is exactly the shadow that is holding you back. Its role is to protect you, to prevent any change that could jeopardise your sense of safety. Honestly, in your past you really needed to belittle your dreams in order to stay safe.

But not anymore! NOW you are strong enough to say YES to your desires, to your dreams, to your longing! You can simply recognise the attempts of the ego to create very realistic circumstances to hold you back and yet still decide not to listen to the fear. Listen to the call instead!

It does not mean your shadow will disappear. It means that your desire is stronger than your fear. It means you have decided to gently and elegantly open your wings to fly and no longer crawl. It means a decision to do what it takes.

It does take commitment and inspired action. It will be necessary to get rid of some old baggage and be open to the power of the new energy flowing through you. But all this is easy when the decision is made!

It is up to you now – who is the winner, your fear or your longing?


The most important missing link for many of us in today’s lonely world is support. So let’s make this journey together!



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